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Mitch's POV.
OMG, WE'RE ABOUT TO GO ON TOUR! Ok Mitch, calm down, its just another tour. But this could be the one where SCOMICHE finally happens! Oh, wait Scott texted me.

S- Ready 4 the tour?!

M- U better believe it!

S- Good, cause I need a ride...

M- Already there

S- Life saver!

M- See ya!

A couple minutes after that, I saw him leave the apartment and run to the car. Before he got to the car, I threw open the  door and he jumped in, carrying his luggage with him." Well someone is ready to go" I remarked." Do you blame me? Alex is going with us!"

That took the wind out of my sails, I had completely forgot about the fact Alex was with us this tour. I composed myself and started driving towards the bus, all the time texting Kirstie, asking her what to do, as she didn't think Alex was a good person.

M- Kirstie, I need 2 talk 2 u!
You have no idea how much I need it

K- wut?

M-What should I do for SCOMICHE?


M- What?

K-Mitch I'm sorry

M- for what? You're sca...

  • scomiche
Bitch get out Mitches bunk! He don't like you and I know Scott don't like you so do yourself a favor and LEAVE before you hand to respond to my knife instead
FandomAcc21 FandomAcc21 Jul 31
Okay, but seriously people have it worst than you, so stop it
Alex get your stupid ugly self out of Mitch's bunk like I know you are with Scott *Gags* but you shouldn't steal
xX_andy_11 xX_andy_11 May 24, 2016
Umm no Alex u don't get to steal Mitch's spot because, just no that's not how it works! Kween will do what kween will does