The hooded man(hoodie × reader)

The hooded man(hoodie × reader)

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Yn pov

I was in front of my new house, I finally finished packing so I was all set. I took a deep breath and admired my beautiful home, it was so peaceful and quiet I could easily fall asleep, after sometime I went inside and decided to listen to some music. Suddenly I heard a loud thump at my door, quickly I opened the door only to find ........ nothing? I shrugged it off and went back to my music but once more I heard another thump, again I opened the door but this time there was a pebble path way. I followed it until I bumped into a someone "s-sorry!" I said then facing who ever I bumped, I saw a yellow hooded man with a frowny face mask covering his face. "H-hi" he shyly said, we stayed in silence for some time "did you make the path?" I asked braking the silence "y-yes" he nodded "ok so why-" I was interrupted by him grabbing my hand and placing somthing in it, the hooded man then ran off leaving me confused. 

I opened my hand seeing a piece of paper it read 'my name is hoodie'....

willowshines24 willowshines24 Apr 19, 2017
*hears reader chan scream* so much for being an "over watch" Hoddie...
The_Filmer The_Filmer Jul 17, 2017
Well....Brian is hoodie.
                              Brian is dead
                              so hoodie is dead already.
Supppl_12 Supppl_12 Oct 27, 2017
wenn du das liest, spreche ich nicht deutsch Ich wollte nur deine Zeit verschwenden und wenn du google translate bist, verschwendest du auch Zeit!
putaemin putaemin Feb 28, 2016
Call me crazy, but the rake is not really that scary when you really look at it. For all we know, that could just be a really anorexic person that aged badly years and years ago.
PurplePasta1987 PurplePasta1987 Jan 22, 2016
Watching OVER get it because he's in the tree above me? No ok *walks away*
MrKingdomHearts MrKingdomHearts Jan 04, 2016
*faceplam* why me? I am so dumb why not bring a Bow and arrows and be like fricken Arrow or At least bring pepper spray or a knife I mean come on!!!