FNAF: Fazbear Fright

FNAF: Fazbear Fright

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What happens when an old family pizzeria chain that was supposedly haunted finally closes its doors for good decades ago? Why, you make a horror attraction based on it that features authentic relics, of course! And that's exactly what Eric Jefferson and his best friends, Chuck and Guy, have done.

Eric has been given the job of acting as a security guard in the attraction, as well as promising to watch the place overnight. Guy is the greeter for the attraction and the collector of the decor. Chuck is the head of the attraction who controls management.

So far, they've found nothing more than some empty animatronic shells and wall decorations. They hope to find something more soon, or else the business will flop for sure. That's when Guy makes a breakthrough and discovers a secret, never-before-seen animatronic that just may be what this haunted house needs! But it's just for show and in no way actually haunted...right?

Based on Scott Cawthon's thrilling game 'Five Nights at Freddy's 3', this story will give you spooks and chills, as well as answers to the questions we've all been asking!

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Yellow_420 Yellow_420 Aug 06, 2017
Flappy bird is more evil than Chica. Yes I'm jealous because i could only get to like 15
_TicTac13_ _TicTac13_ Nov 10, 2017
I'm at IHOP right now and I thought of this so I came to this chapter😂😂😂
Yellow_420 Yellow_420 Aug 06, 2017
*points to different attraction visitors*
                              "You get a Springtrap!"
                              "And you get a Springtrap!"
                              "And you get a jumpscare!"
DirefulVessel DirefulVessel Mar 15, 2017
I wouldn't be surprised... I think they want to purposely kill people 🔪🔫
Yellow_420 Yellow_420 Aug 06, 2017
Pfttt. There arent time skips in real life.
                              ~~ time skip ~~
Yellow_420 Yellow_420 Aug 06, 2017
'Man' uh you're the 'guy' here. Heh. That was an awful joke. Ill leave now ;-;