Two Thousand and Twelve

Two Thousand and Twelve

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S. By writersblockisme Updated Dec 16, 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve,

A year of achievement,

A year of victory,

A year of loss,

My year of change.

The clock struck, Bells rang,

Another years began.

I sat alone with tears.

Terrified of what was coming,

What would change.

With a heavy heart, 

And fake smile the months past.

The first strike was blown,

Pain unexplainable,

Yet relieved too.

But the darkness stayed,

Until surrounded by cooling water,

A choice was made.

My decision to change.

A promise was made.

Slowly, like fog lifting

The light came back.

The scars stopped,

And the box was put away.

The smile started to appear.

A year of great change,

A year I will say good bye to.

This has been my tunnel to the light.

I can now stand and smile.

There is a road out of the darkness.


Well this isn't really like my others. This has been the hardest ever year for me as I'm sure it has for others to. I can't wait for the bells to chime at 12pm on the 31st of December, that's ...