The Chemistry Teacher

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harmysnape By harmysnape Updated 3 years ago
Hermione enrolls to Greenmeadow High, a muggle highschool. But when she meets her chemistry teacher, a hot man all the girls (and probably some of the boys) in school have a crash on she thinks she may have made the worst mistake of her life.
    As she discovers a dark secret about her and her family, Hermione learns to cope with being in love with her chem teacher and having a grandfather no girl yet every girl would wish for.
    A lot of romance, love, and Harry and Voldemort having fun together in a beach (not as a couple, mind you!)...
    after HBP...
"Well, I'm Hermione Granger. And you are?...."
                                    "Ron Weasley."
Please update i love this story and i really want to know how it ends... Please update D x
ok so im just guessing that this is going to get really fun and mione is gonna fall for snape again but he already fell for her, but thats just a guess so dont judge
Oh, god he sounds sexy. xD I died when you said it was Snape, I was like "Oh, damn. Something's gonna go down." but still. I adore him. :) I like this story!
this really good plz upload more plz plz plz
                                    i really like it
@harmysnape ohh this sounds good, I can't wait to finish reading it!