So Close Yet So Far

So Close Yet So Far

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 "I loved you Carlos, since I first laid my eyes on you, why can't you love me?"
"Because you don't know what you're talking Lucy, you're drunk. Let's go, I'll take you home. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll forget everything you said," he said impassively.
  Four years later, and it is still as fresh as the morning dew. Her heart broke into pieces, but time heals. 

Carlos De La Vega is within her grasp, but out of reach. She's so close to him, but his heart is so far, so she gave up. 
  She thought she'd find true happiness when she met Alexander Russo. A love starting to blossom, just then Carlos showed up, claiming her heart was his, and what annoys her was that he was right, it is still his. But, will she let herself fall for his charm again? Or will she makes him regret it for life, that rejection he did four years ago.
  As they say, you'll never find it's worth until it's gone, and he proved that true. 

Lucy Collantes. 

He thought he love her as a little sister, that's why that night she confessed her undying love, he rejected her.  The next thing he knew, she left with his heart, and now she's dating a successful 
Restaurateur, and worst, she hated him. Will he win her affection back?
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me_agapi me_agapi May 19, 2017
He he..for a moment I thought he actually slapped her face😨😂
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You need to continue this story it's has a great start and it's good don't leave it please update
AyengDaan AyengDaan Jan 28, 2016
I'm Pretty Sure That This Will Be Another Worth Reading Story...:)
glorymae_sweet glorymae_sweet Feb 10, 2016
u have a new story, ,how about ur on hold story? i hope u have plan to finish all of ur books because im dying to read it..
alyssadams21 alyssadams21 May 24, 2016
Please try and update soon.  Even just one chapter would do.
mjet_leo mjet_leo Mar 19, 2016
Loved the chapter.. Waiting for the updates pleeeease do it soon