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The Skater Girl and The Bad Boy (Slowly Editing)

The Skater Girl and The Bad Boy (Slowly Editing)

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Yoli00 By Yoli00 Completed

(Sneak Peek) "His finger traced my jaw outline, staring deep into my green eyes. My breath caught in my throat as he lightly brushed my neck with his lips. "Are you still doubting my seduction skills Ruthelia?" He murmured into my ear. My knees weakened but refusing to let him win, I straightened up and smirked. "Yes I am, you will have to do better then that." I placed my palms on his chest and pushed him away. I looked back at him while walking away and was rewarded with a stunned look on the bad boy's face." 

  Ruthelia Summers, the skater girl, is moving into the bad boy's town, who's name is Austin Rock. He is devilishly sexy but for Ruthelia, he is also super annoying and she doesn't hide it. but what happens when the bad boy turns into a loving and caring guy?

Fritz__00_ Fritz__00_ Mar 23
Very first thing I noticed was Skater and Boy and you now what I thought? SKATER BOIII but then I read the title
MandySoto9 MandySoto9 Jun 09
Got a secret canny keep it?
                              Swear this one you'll save 
                              Better lock it in your packet 
                              Taking this one to the grave
                              If I show you then I know you
                              Won't tell what I said 
                              Cause two can keep a secret 
                              If one of them is dead........... #PLLFORLIFE 
                              Aka pretty little liars
MandySoto9 MandySoto9 Jun 09
Stfu u sexist pig gosh I would roast u but I don't want pork chop for dinner 😂😂
For a girl? Huh?  Fight me you dick! 
                              Brilliant book by the way.
VeggieMeat VeggieMeat Jan 31
THIS BOOK 😍😍😍😍😍❤💙💚💛💛💜💟💕💖💗💗❤💝💙💓💛💓💜💓💛❤❤💛💟💟💖💟💖💟💖💛💗💟💟💘
i hate the "for a girl" line its so sexist and i want to kill the parson that said it