The Chosen One (Harry Potter Love Story)

The Chosen One (Harry Potter Love Story)

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brunette_wonderwall By brunette_wonderwall Updated Dec 30, 2017

Hazel is a nature name, coming from the hazelnut tree. There was a time when a wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority. Hazel means someone who is strong and will do anything to protect her loved ones and that is Hazel Ellis. 

Hazel Ellis is a teenage girl with big dreams and three best friends she would follow to the end of the world. She cares more about books than the real world, her friends more than anything, and the fact that to succeed, you must have failures.

 Hazel Ellis has had to deal with bullies, the Dursleys and that fact that both of her parents are dead. Their death tragically happened the same fateful night Lily and James Potter were defeated by Voldemort. To both worlds muggle and wizard, the Ellis family and the Potter family were two close groups of friends beginning from their days at Hogwarts. 

The Goblet of Fire brings terror, new romances, the perks of the Weasley twins, and of course a lot of magic. Stay tuned for the adventure of Hazel Ellis and her crazy life in the Wizard World.

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hey_pal_i_like_gals hey_pal_i_like_gals Dec 30, 2016
I believe the British term is "don't get your knickers in a twist" but I might be wrong
- - May 06, 2016
I'm confused because isn't Harry's mom an Evans? So wouldn't that make them related unless the last name Evans is just really common
bIuejays bIuejays Feb 12, 2015
I ship but her last name is Evans so I don't cuz they might be related
ChocolateCoffeeLover ChocolateCoffeeLover Jan 19, 2015
I know you love me,
                              I know you care,
                              Just shout whenever and I'll be there...
brunette_wonderwall brunette_wonderwall Dec 21, 2014
@summerstars02 It's more like she's been in love with him for a while. It's not an overnight thing
FelicitySheffield FelicitySheffield Dec 21, 2014
wait... if she is evans.... she'd be his cousin or worse... sister!!! *shriek*