My Dear Lover

My Dear Lover

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Katie By Skittle_Lover123 Updated Aug 19, 2017

Third and final book in The Dear Trilogy

It's been 3 months since Luna disappeared from the hospital 

Angel has done everything he could to find the one person that he loves 

Now that he has exhausted every and any possibility, he is ready to start playing dirty

With the help of his older brother and an unlikely friend, they are going to do anything they can to find Luna, even if it means becoming something that they are not 

Luna has no idea how long she has been gone 

She is being kept in a secluded, dark place, with no contact with the outside world

The only person she wants to see more, is Angel

Even though her stalker took her, she still has no idea who it is 

She will now have to rely on her own at intelligence and maybe even resort things she would never do, to get back to the person that she loves

What if to get back to Angel, she loses the person that she once was? 

Find out in My Dear Lover

  • boyfriend
  • brothers
  • captive
  • family
  • friend
  • hiding
  • kidnapper
  • love
  • lover
  • stalker
  • violence
KarenkateEspana KarenkateEspana Dec 11, 2015
yes im the first to comments here,i think her stalker is.her father