How To Mend A Broken Girl

How To Mend A Broken Girl

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"W-Why a-are they looking at me l-like I'm a monster?''

''You're not a monster, you're a broken angel''


Life hasn't been easy for Shailene since her mother left when she was a little girl. She turned into drugs, alcohol and became a delinquent . Her father couldn't care less. Burying himself in his job, he hardly had enough time for his daughter.

 Frederick chose a good night to accompany his best-friend to the club- something he would never do, But when he meets Shailene, things change .

Seeing her reckless and carefree behavior, Frederick believes there's more to the broken girl than  she shows,and he believes he can mend her .

But there's just one question ; How exactly do you mend a broken girl?

Cover by @get_over_yourself 

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LowkeyHearts LowkeyHearts Jun 18, 2017
On the bus when I was in 5th grade a boy snuck into my seat (His name was Gregory)  and kissed me on the cheek and left
Jaxx_Jackies-Wrecker Jaxx_Jackies-Wrecker Jul 22, 2017
This is embarrassing and troubling! My name is Shay but I 1) DO NOT drink AND 2) I DO NOT get laid! WTF!?!!
Loick02 Loick02 Jun 27, 2017
Well if she's french and talking to him it should be "Mon chéri" as what you wrote is used when talking about girls ; anyway nice story
ElisiaWrites ElisiaWrites Aug 16, 2017
New Americana just came on my Spotify and I'm already imagining her dancing in a crowd and he watches from afar as she gets grinded on. Ah, gotta love my imagination
noybagdc noybagdc Feb 25, 2016
When I read the description and the title I thought of the 1D song 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'