False Idols - Published Version

False Idols - Published Version

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Alex By Alexmgrove Completed

When Sarah Fenton is recruited out of her orphanage into a mysterious government program, she doesn’t realize she’s becoming a central figure in a three-way civil war.

When Nick Lal receives a powerful brain implant for his birthday, he doesn’t realize it will make him a social outcast and enemy of the state.

The world Sarah and Nick grew up in is transforming at catastrophic speed as neurally enhanced youths called Aeons rise to become global oligarchs. The Aeons quickly use their superior intellects and technology to dominate the world economy.

Soon Sarah and Nick find their lives revolving around Laura Mayer, the charismatic and brilliant leader of the Aeons. But is Laura working to save humanity from self-assured destruction, as she maintains to Nick? Or is she a manipulative psychopath, as Sarah’s military handlers insist? 

The United States is torn three ways by a power struggle between the decrepit political institutions in Washington, the destabilizing technology of the Aeons, and a religious revolution in Texas. Soon, Nick and Sarah find themselves serving opposing factions. Will they be able to bridge the chasms of distrust that separate them and save the country from collapse?

False Idols is the first novel in the Aeon science fiction trilogy by Alexis Grove.

  • brain
  • future
  • genetic
  • implants
  • mindwave
  • scifi
  • war
PeterShilkey PeterShilkey May 08, 2017
This is a really cool concept. I was first thinking her battle with the reactor/programs defenses was a metaphor but it's real? Adds an awesome element
WildAlex WildAlex Oct 16, 2016
Oho interesting first sentence. Also we have the same name @Alexmgrove
- - Jun 16, 2016
Aweeeeeeesome imagery. It's really difficult to describe fantastical transformations like this, but you did a wonderful job. I could visualize everything perfectly!
writerchivk07 writerchivk07 Jul 24, 2016
wait so she's basically a computer? I'm sorry I'm super tired right now and might sound really stupid but am actually wondering
magneto462 magneto462 Sep 18, 2016
Am duper confused right now is she a person or a computer program or is this like matrix(the movie)
jonniemaxted jonniemaxted Sep 22, 2016
Uranium 235 reactors can have runaway reactions because they need to be near their critical mass(think a fired nuke burning slowly) to be efficient, thorium still has that risk but would require a larger mass than is needed for fission.