The Smallest Luna

The Smallest Luna

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First Book in the Lunar Eclipse Series  

Avalon Carter, a fourteen year old girl starting high school, has a typical life. She lives in the cliche small town of Berke in the middle of nowhere and thinks that her life is going to be as normal as everyone else's.   

But that was before she met him.  

Dylan Retrac is your somewhat typical player with a not-so-secret secret. His life is headed nowhere until he, quite literally, runs into a certain freshman with a spark of her own that he quickly denies. But when feral rogues and psychotic parents butting in, their lives quickly take a turn.

Cover by zarawhite

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  • dylan
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  • luna
  • romance
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  • teen
  • werewolf
Umm... why do they think that outfit is cute. I mean, I get that it's all about "personal style" and I don't really wanna judge but REALLY!?!? EW
I actually cringed. If I was 10 years old, I would be like "OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!"
                              But now, it's just an annoying cliché that I read in EVERY book. I'm just going tired of it (not gonna lie)
fruxtration fruxtration Aug 19
smh back when I started high school, they didn't give me a locker number and all of us freshmen were basically lost through out the day. Some people are so lucky :)))
                              HER NAME IS PRACTIACALLY 
                              GALAXY DIAMONDS 
5'2 GANG WHERE MY SHORT PEOPLE AT... Anyone relating to the fact of being 15 years old and still have to have you're siblings and parents get stuff off the top of the refrigerator because you're still too short
Hi, my name is Emily and this is LITERALLY ME. I'm 5'2",I dress in funny combos and I still wear tank tops under my crop tops...