Beauty and Bloodlust [A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction]

Beauty and Bloodlust [A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction]

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Rekishi-chan By rekishivampire Updated Jan 13

This story is about a girl named Erika Akazawa who was sent to a Haunted Mansion and there she meets the Guys who will change her life, The Sakamaki Brothers!

What will happen to her from now on? Will she fall in love with one of the guys who craves for her blood?

(I don't own the characters of Diabolik Lovers. I only own my OC, Erika Akazawa)

Sure they'll take good care of you, good care of your blood.
tinalin246 tinalin246 Aug 21
This is certainly a secret code for run for your life😓😓😓😓😧😧😧
mixofmagic mixofmagic Jan 29
when someone says don't worry, worry  cause who ever is going to take care of you are either pedophiles perverts or killers so yeah never let your guard down in that case
I think I'm gonna enjoy this, I like the fact that her name, is my name. It's even spelt the same way!
Did he yell "SAKAMAKI HOUSEHOLD"? And did he yell it with a British accent? 
                              It's funny, so I'm gonna assume that butler dude yelled it with a British accent xD
                              Either I'm taller than her or shorter...
                              wait *rereads*
                              SHIET I'm the same height