Beauty and Bloodlust [A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction]

Beauty and Bloodlust [A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction]

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Vicchan2507 By vampire2207 Updated Dec 23, 2016

This story is about a girl named Erika Akazawa who was sent to a Haunted Mansion and there she meets the Guys who will change her life, The Sakamaki Brothers!

What will happen to her from now on? Will she fall in love with one of the guys who craves for her blood?

(I don't own the characters of Diabolik Lovers. I only own my OC, Erika Akazawa)

    How can her father be cheerfull if he's child is gonna live with vampires! Like really dude bruh!
    No Sebby. What you meant to say was, "WELCOME TO PHANTOMHIVE MANOR!!!"
    C42424242M C42424242M Jul 05
    I can just picture him being so nonchalant and then screaming "SAKAMAKI HOUSEHOLD." 😂😂
    Why are people saying that they can't pronounce their names. It's easy as ABC
    I really love..Carla...but he's abusive. I love his hair. No more.
    Bye mom and dad! I hate you! Thanks for handing me to the vamps! 🙂  oh and I'll make sure when you come back I'll be a vamp too and suck the blood out of you! Well now would that be nice! 😊