Spark (Ereri)

Spark (Ereri)

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☆ Space Prince ☆ By BrightEyesEren Completed

It's known through out the world that everyone was meant to have a soul mate; however, you'd only know who when you've finally met them by touch. From the slightest contact, you go from colour blind to seeing the world vividly for the first time.

Eren, a worker at a café, always had an odd feeling about his regular customer Levi, but what happens when they finally touch?

oml i've always thought about using this au, and hey, it would be my first full-length ereri fic so why not? c: comment any critique you have for me !!

cover art is by TotallyNotFangirling who does amazing covers eep

original idea and credit here, as requested: 
the original creator of this prompt, however, has been inactive since July 25th, 2014.

Omg, if only the real world was like that. Read the description and I'm in love already. Don't know if you reply to comments, but you rock!
Blue_Soul_6 Blue_Soul_6 7 days ago
I went to a library/coffee shop exactly like this when I was younger. It was my favorite place to go to
RikeyWayro RikeyWayro 5 days ago
Why can he just hold the cups like a regular glass or something, I never got that. If he's so scared of the handle breaking then just... don't use the handle...
sabina92132 sabina92132 Nov 27
Vrvfdhdhnfdhvdfhhnbddg. You broke me again author chan. You do this in every story You write
sabina92132 sabina92132 Nov 26
Omg....i just imagined the way everyone must be dressed since they can see absolutely no color. 😹
fangirl8011 fangirl8011 Nov 10
This reminds me of several different things. Haruka from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club &  The Giver. ;-;