My Diet Coach: Way to fitness

My Diet Coach: Way to fitness

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IAmDirtyKitten By IAmDirtyKitten Completed

Well, I'm in a diet right now and I've decided to share it with you. like, it would be awesome if we do it together.

I'm one of the "we are all gonna die anyway" person before. but then, I realized many things. yes, we are all gonna die, but isn't it nice if we live those years healthy?

Life's actually the longest thing I have known, and I know i would be happy if i give myself the best.

It's okey to comfort yourself sometimes with comforting words like "Just be you" , "you're beautiful no matter what you are." , "you are not a number". yes of course, you are beautiful, but come on, i know and you know that it's not what you want.

It's okey to admit things sometimes, and i have done it. I admitted it and that made everything better. I once told myself in a mirror "You are fat. yes, they accepted you for that but If you know you can have the best why won't you allow yourself to have it? Don't hide your best with those fats. show it."

So, here, I've decided to live healthy.