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inspiritbaby11 By inspiritbaby11 Updated Sep 09

Love stories between the members of BTS...

*Cute stories?? (sometimes smut XD)
*Update at least once a week
*Please do not copy or steal my works

I suggest you guys should read from like part 50 if you're new?? bcuz the earlier stories aren't that good ><

GxldenMxnae GxldenMxnae Aug 09
Bruh That Moment when You See ARMY and 5Sos Fam in the Comments
ShaWol_dReaMA ShaWol_dReaMA 3 days ago
Crying because i watched a video called "Jimin's secret role in bts" and I am reminded of it in this
__aundri__ __aundri__ Aug 20
We need to build a wall. Attack on Titan style. So no haters can through to BTS.
                              Only Titans and ARMY.
I never hear it being called a French kiss any more but it sounds so romantic and I'm a sucker for romantic gay fanfics
AllKpop is just jealous of Vs awesomeness and fabulousness =-=
The thought of Tae actually hurting because of this situation in real life breaks my heart