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A ticking bomb

A ticking bomb

27.6K Reads 1.4K Votes 23 Part Story
Uru By Urushiana Completed

A fairy tail fanfiction. Lucy meets Jackal when she's on a job and ends up owing him a favor, so he decides to stay with her in her house.  But what will the guild say when they find out? What will Natsu and her team say? Read to find out. Btw, I do not own fairy tail.

grell-sutcliff123 grell-sutcliff123 Aug 18, 2016
Yes lucy let the demon stay in your house......ciel dose it and he isnt dead....yet....
sillykittychat sillykittychat Aug 17, 2016
God jackel is so.........sqeeeeeeee cute , hot ,ugh jackel I love him!!!
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Oct 25, 2016
What about that nature guy who goes whoosh and stuff like he was the first one out
TheGreenJocker TheGreenJocker Oct 20, 2015
Thus is starting out to be promising I haven't read others  jackal x Lucy story for a while
Sky931 Sky931 Sep 20, 2015
Lol when i first saw that i thought it said Jackass instead of Jackal
Acnologia_Slayer Acnologia_Slayer Aug 07, 2015
Yup,and this demon is Jackal,and if I was Lucy i'd be like:
                              "Heeellll yeah!C'mon!"