Anime Lemons (Fan Requests and Suggestions)

Anime Lemons (Fan Requests and Suggestions)

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Jihyun [V] By AwEsOMeFicTionWriTeR Updated Feb 14

The Title says it all~

E N J O Y~

PS: Feel free to request one

ok idk why in every fan fic people taste the other persons cum its not sexy so why does everyone do it in fan fic XD
Can u pls do a Naruse X Yuki (from the manga named Namaikizakari) Thank you!
Me: Mmn, oh Sei! 
                              Reader-Chan: Hey!! You heard us?
                              Me: Yes...
'Showing his big thing'(o.o) I'm doing I have to!!!
                              Ooh the way that you pop gurl! Makes me go cray! Show me what you got gurl! You can be my new thang!!! *saxophone solo*
vvip4life vvip4life Jul 07
Vagina. Repeat after me: Vagiiiiinaaaaa
                              When ur too pussy to say pussy 
                              Jk sorry no offense meant
AwEsOMeFicTionWriTeR AwEsOMeFicTionWriTeR Apr 28, 2015
@Miyumi_Kimoni hmm? of course!~ I'd be glad to grant your request. Though, I'm still working on a new one-shot, it'll take quite long for me to do you request. :)