Anime Lemons (Fan Requests and Suggestions)

Anime Lemons (Fan Requests and Suggestions)

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Jihyun [V] By AwEsOMeFicTionWriTeR Updated Feb 14, 2016

The Title says it all~

E N J O Y~

PS: Feel free to request one

I don't like saying it either besides i actually find it more interesting that way.
Em I the only one who's sneaks my phone at night and reads lemons
Patience is a virtue when your working on a masterpiece and tolerance is valued when working on a living canvas, stich my words into tender flesh, don't you worry your turns coming how can I forgeeet~? Still awake? *Giggles* Not for long~
Lonely-With-No-One Lonely-With-No-One Jul 28, 2016
Me: Mmn, oh Sei! 
                              Reader-Chan: Hey!! You heard us?
                              Me: Yes...
elysia718 elysia718 Dec 23, 2016
Me: *blushing so hard* You just HAD to say that.
                              Sebastian: Good day, milady. *Leaves*
CuteKitten15 CuteKitten15 Jun 29, 2016
'Showing his big thing'(o.o) I'm doing I have to!!!
                              Ooh the way that you pop gurl! Makes me go cray! Show me what you got gurl! You can be my new thang!!! *saxophone solo*