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Is he Jealous?(A Zayn Malik fanfic)

Is he Jealous?(A Zayn Malik fanfic)

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Mrs Malik! By MissVasHappening Completed

"What do you think he will do when he finds out?" I asked Zoey.

"Nothing. He isn't your boyfriend is he? He has Perrie!" Zoey replied.

"But why would he care?" I asked.

"Is he the jealous type?" she smirked. I nodded and sighed....

Jasmine(or Jazzy/Jaz) lives with One Direction. Her mum put her up for adoption when she was five, due to depression, Jasmine doesn't know her father. She ran away from the carehome when she was fourteen and bumped into Zayn Malik. They have been friends eversince. Jasmine now lives with her best girl-friend Zoey and One Direction. They are both 17 years old and graduated recently. Zayn is Jasmine's best guy-friend and is VERY overprotective. He wants to think of her as his little sister, but the feelings are stronger.

I am embarrassed by the amount of illiterate mistakes there are in this story, I am aware there are many. I wrote this about a year ago and honestly I cannot be bothered to go through and change every mistake. If anything bothers you, message me, always listening x

So not true... Sorry I just can't help it! Perrie is soooo nice and she's the opposite of what you said. I don't like people talking sh*t about my queen, i'm not hating on the story though.😐
xXx_Hazel_xXx xXx_Hazel_xXx 6 days ago
Awww "Babe" Oh god why am I shipping them so badly?? 😍 But of course I ship Zayn and Jaz more.
FreshieReaders123 FreshieReaders123 Nov 23, 2016
It so sad to know we live in a world where mad people kill innocent people and children. R.I.P
Mariiapayne Mariiapayne Sep 10, 2016
Everyone is nice. So shut up ya all. Plus this is just a fan fic , so calm your tits
Mariiapayne Mariiapayne Sep 10, 2016
Jasmine , You really wished for them to apart and look where they are now 😏
Mariiapayne Mariiapayne Sep 10, 2016
Damn , When I first read this story , Zayn and Perrie were together , now when Im reading this story again ( after a year I guess) Gigi and Zayn are together , The next time I read this story , it will be idek someone else.