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His Scar Ridden Mate

His Scar Ridden Mate

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Creepy_Girl_Nextdoor By Creepy_Girl_Nextdoor Updated Jan 02

My name is Eden.
Everyday I am suffering.
Suffering from mental and physical abuse.
From beatings to malnutrition.
I must obey Fathers rules.
If not I get punished

When I was 6 my mother was attacked by rouges.
I have a scar running from my left eye
to my lip
My father blames me for her death.
Somehow he got the whole pack to believe I killed her 
So I get beaten.

10 years later I'm still being abused. Everyday.
My body is covered in scars, cuts, and bruises.
They try to break me but they can't.
Im already broken. 


I will admit this book is horrible at the start but it does get better throughout the book so give it a chance cause it's my first book ✌

#94 in Werewolf 20/12/16

LisaGrey15 LisaGrey15 Feb 20, 2016
Some help me. I love the song but I don't know the name. Can some one tell me the name and artist please😊
                              I swear I got the best out of everyones
Lauren643 Lauren643 Feb 16, 2016
I read the description of your story with the song "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO - 'Everyday I'm shuffling'
My initials are literally JLK so mine is just in a row. *sigh* so boring.
I've never heard a 6 year old talk like this though.... Not trying to be a Beeeeitch about it or anything, just an observation
Skeet5 Skeet5 Jun 02, 2016
In the intro everyday I am suffering I was like everyday I'm hustlin