Problems (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

Problems (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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Clove Raine By doodles14 Updated Sep 17, 2015


"Did you hear the teacher called him out and told him that he has to be smarter to pass his class? Idiot."


"You know how she always raises her hand for everything. She's such a nerd. I hate her."


"He always follows the rules. It's like, he doesn't want to make his pathetic drunk mama mad."


"She never talks to anyone, which is fine with me because no one wants to talk to her."


"You know that McLean girl?" Yeah well, I'm her best friend. Pfft! No, not really. But have you seen how popular I am now?"


"That kid is such a loner. He's pathetic and has no friends. But it doesn't matter because he'll probably be gone next week. And did you hear what he did to his mom?"


"He's such a cry baby! I heard him in the bathroom before school started. No wonder no one wants to be friends with him."


"That kid that wears all black creeps me out. He even has a skull ring. It's like he's the king of death, or something. Its a good thing...

Silver49453 Silver49453 5 days ago
Woah! That is.... Dang. I hate the people saying this stuff.
xXAmazing_QueenXx xXAmazing_QueenXx Dec 19, 2016
They call me Crybaby Crybaby, but I don't even care 
                              Crybaby crybaby so I laugh through my tears
Silver49453 Silver49453 5 days ago
*fake laughs* ha. Ha. Ha. Soooo funny! Tell me more! *note sarcasm* Yeah, I loathe this person now.
KiwiMehNinjia KiwiMehNinjia Jan 25, 2016
                              Some people say when they love something it's because it relates to them selves..
                              Or they just happen to have love for it.
                              You take your pick.
demigodgrounder demigodgrounder Jul 14, 2015
or we hide it because we dont want to hurt others on our broken edges.
afbc34 afbc34 Apr 07, 2015
Yeah I assumed but I just wanted to know if it was over or not so I could know if I should keep it in my library.