Look Back

Look Back

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Kookie Kezi By Kezi13 Updated Dec 16, 2012

You always look ahead.

Always moving on.

Looking for doors to open and quests to solve.

And that's great.

But won't you please look back?

Won't you see me behind you, running to catch up?

I'm still clinging to you.

Even though you left me behind.

Why did you go?

Did you get tired of staying in one place?

Did you want to reach the top?

Well, you did.

But you also left all you knew at the bottom.

You left me, and all our memories.

I still cherish those memories, our time together.

Do you?

Or have you forgotten them in your quest to move forward?

Have you made new friends?

Did you replace me, while scraping your way up?

Because even if you have, I still want to follow you.

Just like you did, I will scrape my way out of this hole.

Like you did, I will reach the top.

Even if I find you there, completely different.

Even if you never look back at me again.