Truth or Dare? (Rhink)

Truth or Dare? (Rhink)

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XtinaSain By XtinaSain Updated Apr 08, 2016

It had been one crazy week at school. Link spent all week studying for his math test and now that it was friday, it finally paid off. He just knew he had aced the test with how easy the answers came to him. It put him in a great mood that he had a goofy smile on his face as he met his buddy by their bikes.

"Sleep over tonight?!" Rhett asked as he tightened his backpack on his shoulders.

"Yeah! My mom already said we could." He had asked his mom earlier that morning as he was eating breakfast. He always asked just in case Rhett offered. Which was pretty much every weekend. They had this sort of silent aragment were they both brought a change of clothes with them so they could go straight to the others house.

"Your place or mine?" Rhett said as he sat on his bike.

"Either is fine. My mom agreed to both."

"Let's go to yours. My brother has been gettin' on my nerves lately."

Link gave a short laugh. "You will have to tell me about it tonight."

"You bet. Race you to the light!" Rhett...

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Yes he his a nerd book worm he's studios from is cerebral cortex to his gluteus
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This is the cutest thing I'm dead bye this is probably my fifth time reading this fic I'm obsessed with it its my favorite that is all goodbye
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I am on the bus and I am squealing and ppl are looking at me weird. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!