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The Real Me (SEHUN Fanfiction)

The Real Me (SEHUN Fanfiction)

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phannah143 By phannah143 Completed

Sehun, a member of the famous kpop group EXO, pretended to be another guy, named Jino, to bully a girl who gave him so much trouble. Yet as day passed by he fell for the girl, but the girl likes Sehun, the real him. What if the girl will find out that Jino is also Sehun? Would she forgive the lie that Sehun made? Which of the two personality whom she really love? Jino, the other one, or Sehun, the real one?

- - Aug 09, 2015
So? I don't really see the problem. If she likes the REAL you than the one who likes her is the FAKE you. That means she fell in love with the right person so...
                              There shouldn't be a problem here. Just tell her who you really are.