The Weaver's Source

The Weaver's Source

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Weavers are magic users whose power depends on the amount of monster souls they devour. Sources are a well of raw magic that only one Weaver can feed from and give them a unwavering support. Lyra has been waiting for her Weaver to find her for years. When he finally does, he is nothing like she imagined, but determination to support him, no matter how crass and violent he is, has her following him doggedly on his own hunt for revenge. 

[This was a challenge for myself and a way to broaden my writing skills. Comments are very welcome, good or bad. Can't improve without feedback. And vote if you enjoy what I write please. It lets me know I have support and encouragement to continue writing.]

Mibba version:

juzamx3 juzamx3 Apr 26, 2016
I'm just starting but o think I'm already in love with this story
imaginist_7 imaginist_7 May 30, 2016
If I make a mistake or lie about something my face is enough to find it out
Tophat Tophat Oct 23, 2016
@poisonouslove0410 Aaah, I rarely ready through this as I posted and I wrote this four years ago so no surprise it's messy. Thank you for pointing it out though. :)
SKStewart SKStewart Apr 20, 2016
I read this on mibba awhile ago and I followed it here to reread. I just want to tell you how much I love this story! It needs to be published so I can own it forever!
poisonouslove22 poisonouslove22 Oct 23, 2016
That's okay! I'm absolutely loving this story, it's genuinely my cup of tea 😊
Elsakawa Elsakawa Sep 10, 2016
Boa noite turminha!!! Tem bônus-presente atrasado para vocês! Espero que vocês gostem! Mim beijos!