Dangerous. BWWM (Completed)

Dangerous. BWWM (Completed)

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Rayne Chanei By whysoseriousbabezz Completed

WARNING: Book is being edited, some chapters will be taken down for a brief moment.

Love, it wasn't in his vocabulary...

Only the insanity of life, the smell of flesh and blood, the fear...was what he was accustomed to.

It was uneventful, and pitiful- his life-, and he chose to be alone.

He chose to romp around with dogs, and kiss the fallen angels, and ply their wings painfully from their fragile backs... yes, he was merciless indeed.

For, love wasn't in his vocabulary, but it was his kryptonite, it weakened him, and made him effeminate. And when it came, along with it, came the stress, the pressure, and the toiling hours of keeping his love with him.

Love made Leandro Nautian the man he was meant to be, but, he lost some precious things because of it.

For Love will spare no man, no woman and no child.
Like death, once it wrappped its bony hands around you, like a cage, it captures you, and locks you in.

There's no running away.

I stopped reading just to look at all my fellow Haitians that comment.
blackgem17 blackgem17 Nov 09
You know you got that good pootie tang if the nigga giving you shout outs in his last minutes of life 😂😂😂
I can already tell it's about to be a good book bc she has really good grammar 😊
DAMNNNNN 😱😂😂 well I will be delivering that message to them wit yo ol savage ass
Brings me back to reading the hoO and pjo series ahhh good times good times 😍😊😝