Delicate Glass (Justin Bieber Love Story) #Wattys2015

Delicate Glass (Justin Bieber Love Story) #Wattys2015

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all the love. x - e By mrbieberswifey Updated Aug 21, 2015

Giselle Brooks has always been a shy, quiet, only child. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends and spends most of her time alone. When Giselle turns 16, her single mother decides to adopt another child so Giselle won't be so lonely while she is away traveling for her job. That is where 17 year old Justin Bieber comes in.

Justin Bieber has always had an awful childhood. With his druggie, now dead, mother and his abusive father, his life wasn't all that great. He had been locked up in his house and home-schooled all of his life so he was very innocent and didn't know much about the dangers of this world. Not to mention, he was autistic so that only added onto the childlike innocence. 

One fateful day, someone hears Justin's screams and cries as his father beats him and calls the police. After his father is arrested, he is immediately taken to an orphanage where no one believed he would ever be adopted. 

They are proved wrong when Mrs. Brooks comes in and adopts him on the spot. 

Even though he is skittish and frightened, he immediately becomes attached to the sweet Giselle, because she is the first person to ever show him any true kindness, and never wants to leave her side

How will Giselle take this new, innocent adorable, addition to her family? Will they fall for one another? Find out in "Delicate Glass"

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-romance-writer- -romance-writer- Oct 28, 2017
You make a human being sound like a dog it's like saying I'm adopting another woman  to the house so when I'm gone you have a second mom like no your adding  another person to her heart and the whole family
urmibie_1994 urmibie_1994 Oct 26, 2017
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cutttthroat cutttthroat Sep 24, 2017
treasure. you are my all, a piece of gold, through it all, my treasure, at the bottom of the ocean, not a lot of commotion, waiting for me to find you. treasure.
Naina0717 Naina0717 Jan 30, 2018
Oh my god my heart is literally breaking 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔
ellesdreams66 ellesdreams66 Feb 23, 2018
Okay wait the freak out.  I have read all of your books and u named the orphanage that Rosie lived to in your book little strength
Daisychaindreams Daisychaindreams Aug 05, 2018
Autism is a mental condition in which people have a great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.