Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused Cliche Love Series)

Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused Cliche Love Series)

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Blake and Ray are two different people. Blake is the innocent good girl while Ray is the deadly quiet Bad Boy. The only ties they have together is their best friends who happen to be dating eachother. And Blakes best friend just happens to be her twin sister, Tessa. 
Tessa is a bad girl, she does what she wants and she doesn't care if she gets away with it or not. What happens when Tessa tries to bring innocent twin sister into her world of gangs, sex, drugs, and violence...what happens when Ray helps lure her in. 
Soon Ray began to skim his lips across the curve of my neck, the way he seems to like, his arms uncrossed and his hands moved down to grip my waist. "When you do that," I let out, my voice unusually husky, "I feel weird."

"Weird?" He asked before pressing a soft kiss to the juncture. I nodded my head and gripped his shoulders firmly.

"Yeah, I feel all tingly, there's this knot on my stomach that comes when you're doing stuff like this, and when you took you're clothes off last night." Ray chuckled, placing another kiss on my skin, this time on my jaw.

"You're feeling horny Blakey." Ray finally said after awhile of him just nipping at my skin, which felt wonderful by the way.

"Horny," I asked, shocked. "You mean, sexually aroused?" I asked again, still in surprise. I can't believe this whole time I was aroused, and aroused sexually at the most.

"Yes, Babe, you're sexually aroused. That's one sign that you might like a person, one of the first."

Highest Rank: #1 Teen Fiction
                             #6 in Romance
This book contain sexual content such as actions and suggestive dialogue.
This book has mild violence.
Suggestive language.
Includes drugs.
Anyone under 15- I recommend for parent approval.
Chapters with "*" are mature. Don't complain because I fucking warned you.
Cover by @Eveninglatte

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Where can I buy this book? This is literally a must to buy and read again
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So where can I get the complete version of this book? Not being able to continue reading this is more painful than being sister-zoned lol
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I just need to say: THE ENDING TO THIS BOOK FUÇKED ME UP FOR MONTHS! MONTHS! And still fuçks me up to this day. (Unless it was changed)