Desire- Book I

Desire- Book I

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E.I. By elizabethrosem Updated Jan 17

When Rose is kidnapped, she's told that it is for an important reason...

this "reason" is at first, unknown to her, but her life takes a dark turn when the reason is unraveled when she's brought to a mysterious man, who is involved with the Mafia, just like her kidnapper, Damien. 

She was sold to Vince Esposito, a cruel and downgrading man. 

But when an enemy Mob throws everyone under caution, everyone is to live under the same roof in a safe-estate for a while, where Rose gets to better know her kidnapper, Damien. 

Getting to know the man is one thing, but loving him is a very different situation, especially if she is stilled owned by the cruel Vince.

From unleashing secrets about herself to having reconciled with the Family, she opens doors she didn't expect to.

How will she cope with being around the secretive Damien she has fallen madly for, and deal with harsh Vince, who despises Damien?

And does Damien share the same feelings for Rose?

Already read the first chapter and I'm already in love....
                              Talk about love at first reading ; )   : )
I want Heather as a friend.
                              Because I'm none of that.
                              HAH :D
tigers1103 tigers1103 Jul 26
I loved the original version of this book! It's what got me hooked on Wattpad! Pleaseeeeee repost those chapters!!! It was amazing!
Of course I trust you silly me why was I even scared in the first place thank you so much you've cleared everything up now I'm no longer afraid and its all because you said these words aww love ya
The part where she said that she was in a FreeBreeze commercial was absolutely crazy. She was kidnapped for crying out loud
i"m what your hey friends with him on his own pocket for this Wednesday