Blurred (Colby Brock)

Blurred (Colby Brock)

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What would you do if you woke up blind?

For Kendall Jax, this was a question that had never crossed her mind--it hadn't needed to.

She had a perfectly planned out future, a loving family, a group of genuine friends, and grades to get her into just about any college she pleased.

Nothing could change that, right?

But what happens when she's wrong?

When her life seems to crumble and shatter around her, Kendall must place her trust in a boy she met on a once in a lifetime chance as he teaches her that vision isn't everything and that maybe--just maybe--she doesn't really need sight to see.

I wasn't even expected to survive at the beginning of this all. And now, here I am, trying to determine my future.

It had seemed so easy in the past when I had a talent and a passion. But now all I had was a passion while talent eluded me.

What is there for a blind girl in this world? What was I even going to do?

Great big things, I found. Great big things.

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hi idk if you remember me but we talked and now i’m rereading hello
itsamadworld itsamadworld Sep 12, 2017
Omg this is so good. Haven't even read the first page completely and had to complement you.
You_will_never_know- You_will_never_know- Oct 09, 2017
It usually takes me a couple chapters to like a story. It took me the description to love yours
ffqueen1 ffqueen1 Aug 23, 2017
That is just so true and once you realise it it gives you a completely different perspective on a lot of good things in your life
YoutuberLover18 YoutuberLover18 Dec 07, 2017
this is such a good writing style, i love the repetition of it! x
helllooooooo this is my second time reading and this is one of my favorite stories on wattpad. I low key relate but onl half way... I'm blind in one eye lol