Bella's True Loves   (twilight/tvd crossover)

Bella's True Loves (twilight/tvd crossover)

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Calista Ramirez By HauntedForever Updated Aug 09, 2015

When Edward leaves Bella yah it hurts her, but she is not as weak as they think she is.
What happens when Bella moves to Mystic Falls? Who will she meet? Will Elena like her or will she hate her?
What giant family secret will Bella find out about?
What happens when the Cullen's go back to Forks to get her and find out she left will they go get her or will Edward deal with  lost?
My first book won't be many author notes seeing as I don't like them!

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My dad would literally say “Okay, and?? You don’t get everything you want in life” 😂 and then I would whine and we’d both play it off
XD @HauntedForever I love it when authors make the characters have a convo with them it's hilarious
ZalaykhaJohnson ZalaykhaJohnson Oct 28, 2016
I have a new found respect for bella in this story just for saying ratchet
HauntedForever HauntedForever Mar 20, 2015
I know and I apologize it was a typo I am writing this story on my phone so again I apologize