Did i ever deserve this (blossick)

Did i ever deserve this (blossick)

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Redteam story By blossickfan Completed

Blossom is 16 she has no powers.
Blossom is always sad and never smiled   She had 2 friends is Tokio but she had to move away at school everyone bullies Her.

Her perents abuse Her all the time. They call blossom names like worfles,stupid child, fat Big.

She has no reason to smile.

They are normal teenagers

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TheGamingKitKat TheGamingKitKat 6 days ago
"I Felt a tear go down my eye"
                              Yes I have cheek on my eye
                              ~This is a joke so on harm meant~
emani854 emani854 Sep 05, 2016
Im crying for you blossom *whaaaaaa*😭😭😭😭😢😢
Kanchet_Cel-sama Kanchet_Cel-sama May 04, 2016
If her sister is going to be a bitch to blossom let's just say if Blossom does die I won't be at her funeral I'll be in prison for killing her family
The_Toddler_Online The_Toddler_Online Nov 13, 2016
I thought it was only eat once a day. So once a weak or never
245749m 245749m Jul 12, 2016
I was so annoyed at the grammar mistakes,but overall, I loved the story. ^u^
same it kinda really boring and homework anyone worst nightmare😒