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The Gilbert Sisters(Damon Salvatore Fanfic) Book One

The Gilbert Sisters(Damon Salvatore Fanfic) Book One

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LoudlyCasualStranger By LoudlyCasualStranger Completed

A sister bond is something unbreakable...right? Not for the Gilbert sisters. Elena is the perfect straight A student, while being a cheerleader. But Chastity on the other-hand is the complete opposite of Elena's perfect life. For example, chastity didn't always have the perfect home life well, not until her father married Elena's Mother. (Not real mother by the way! SPOILER!) 
When Elena's and Chastity's parents die in a car accident their life is turned upside down, especially Elena's life. Then, a year goes by Junior year for these sisters. they thought their junior year was going to be as normal, as it could. Until, they meet the Salvatore brothers. Elena is stringed up in these brother's life right at the start..soon after Chastity lays her eyes on Damon Salvatore. At first she dislikes him but then sparks start to ignite. Will Elena get in the way of Chastity's romance with Damon.or will something more sinister ruined the new founded love? maybe even a original vampire?  Read in "The Gilbert Sisters" (a Damon Salvatore fan fiction.) Book one if The Gilbert Sisters

Kgarris1 Kgarris1 Jan 18
I LOVE this book omg! I keep trying to read TVD fan fic but I hate how they use the SAME lines as the show or make elena's sister look like her! Love this! Great job! Omg stay awesome!💕
Technically Elena isn't blood related to Jer in this fic but Chas is... maybe that's why there closer