The Fake Bestfriend

The Fake Bestfriend

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           ~~~~~~ Zoey's P.O.V~~~~~~

Those 10 meaningful,powerful words, which are,"I will never ever let anything come between our friendship", will always remain in my head forever. I will always think of Kayla the first and only  fakess friend I had ever had. only if I knew in time she was the worlds fakess best friend I would have never shared my friendship with a total liar for three years, so here's how my story started..........
Kayla, Zoey said your the a bogus friend, said Zack.

I didn't say that he's lying, you gotta belevie me Kayla.

How can I, you been jealous of me since I started going out with Zack, Kayla said.

What!!! Iam the one who hooked you up with him, I said.

Whatever, you know your jelous , you have always been jealous of me, said Kayla.

Jealous of what and I can't believe your choosing him over me!, I said.

B B But I know he wouldn't just say that, said Kayla.

Why are you choosing him over me, and believing everything he sa...