Percy Jackson-A Wizard ( Percy Jackson Harry Potter fanfic) #wattys2015

Percy Jackson-A Wizard ( Percy Jackson Harry Potter fanfic) #wattys2015

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Anna Gates By Its_Called_Sarcasm Updated Aug 19, 2015

The Giant War had finally ended.

Everything was peaceful, or as everybody thought so.

Luke makes a sudden reappearance, and everything in Percy's life tumbles down. Suddenly, he's being sent to a school called Hogwarts, who have accepted him inspite of his disastrous Math grade. But they teach more of Potions, Charms, Transfiguration amend Herbology than Algebra and English.

Apollo's spirit of Delphi has disappeared. The prophecies cannot continue without it. 

Strange things are happening, all at once, and as far as Percy's life goes, he's never met a coincidence. Just monsters who need to be killed.

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True story: I'm watching Harry Potter (And the Chamber of secrets) while reading this!
Uh oh
                              Prongs, stay AWAY from Sally, you have Lily
susiej1118 susiej1118 Apr 03
Not his fault sally. Monsters just have a taste for Percy's blood. Plus when have this not happen
Guys he's at his mum's apartment, and Annabeth isn't, which is why there's 'no Annabeth', because annabeth's more likely to be at camp.
                              Please tell me SOMEONE gets this anime reference...
lastavica6 lastavica6 Jul 04, 2016
I thought she was also hugging Tyson and was melting that she accepited him as her mother