The President's Baby

The President's Baby

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The world spins around me as I am being completely knocked out, when I awaken? I am in a car and sitting in front of me is The President of The United States of America. So what do I do? Climb out and run away.

But of course that's not the end, I black out once more and find myself . . . In a crib . . . With a flipping diaper on me.

What in the actual fuck?

DISCLAIMER: This is a DD/lg story and it also has to deal with a teenager being kidnapped by an older man, therefore if you do not wish to read you don't have to. There will be mainly fluff and creepy stuff. (That rhymed xP)

joji_moefoe joji_moefoe Aug 10
My grandmother is literally sitting across from me knitting a sweater.  Please forgive me Nana I'll wear your itchy sweaters for the rest of my life if I have to
SexyAndy SexyAndy Jul 24
I like how the author's just like 
                              "Would you like some fries with your burger sir ,and some murder.."
                              "Ok ,then thankyou for coming to mcdonald's hope you have a good time!"
I live next to a church YALL. There's a cross in my kitchen. My family are religious af. Pray for me😂🙏🏼
dat_weirdoo dat_weirdoo Aug 10
everyone is talking about the breastfeeding and I'm like oh murder unexpected
Oh um ok *smiles and tells over my shoulder* SOME ONE CALL THE BAU! PREFERABLY HOTCHES TEAM! (if you get that I will love you)
lilybean333 lilybean333 Aug 04
*casually reads book about a teenage girl being forced to wear a diaper and breastfeed whilst in public*