Your Love is My Madness {YANDERE x Readers}

Your Love is My Madness {YANDERE x Readers}

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《Shelter》 By lady_arisa Updated Oct 23, 2015

Love is a drug
It is intoxicating,

Love blinded us
An existing desires and lust

'I Love you,to the point of EATING YOU WHOLE UP'

'Love me,Please me.No? Then i would have to KILL THE PEOPLE ON OUR WAY PERHAPS?'

Are you scared? Hush now,
Let me take you,to the place where you and i could spend together,


tikusbotak tikusbotak Aug 21, 2016
But i am blinded by the fold. How am i supposed to know that he's smirking?
nekura nekura Jun 08, 2016
I'm testing my Kanji xD
                              狂気 or "Kyōki" it means: Insanity or madness.
Simplebeauty21 Simplebeauty21 Oct 21, 2016
I accidentally read "how about I gouge their eyes out and give them to you" as "how about I gouge their eyebrows out and give them to you" 
                              I'll probably go to hell for this
AngelineAngel9 AngelineAngel9 Oct 08, 2016
Succubus me: A senpai? What is a senpai? *giggles* Just a miserable pile of heartbreak and lies!
Neroredo Neroredo Aug 28, 2015
akashi is .y ultimate crush then now i saw this.My heart heart 7≧∇≦
chizuru_taika chizuru_taika Jul 16, 2015
Remember when momoi had to threaten to burn his porn mags to get him to return to practice? Lol one of my favorite parts!