Becoming Stronger for you. NatsuXLucy (A Fairytail Fanfic)

Becoming Stronger for you. NatsuXLucy (A Fairytail Fanfic)

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Kise is my everything ♡ By ryoutas Completed

"I love you, baka"
Lucy gets hurt - badly - on a mission that involves some 'Black Night Bandits'. Natsu feels guilt, but was it really all his fault?

As Lucy struggles to survive, can Natsu survive without Lucy? This all leads to a life-changing confrontation. 

Will Natsu see Lucy again? Will he get to tell her how he feels? How bad is Lucy's injury - what happened?

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Falling_Queen Falling_Queen Jul 07, 2017
Weird I read itching as bitching...srry for my language 😂😂😂
DerpiestUnicorn DerpiestUnicorn Jun 30, 2017
Lucy the girl who is willing to sacrifice her beloved mate just so she can pay her rent money
hey lucy cant you live at natsu's so you dont have to pay rent
Nalu2723 Nalu2723 Nov 17, 2016
I think the chapters a a tad roo short in honest opinion.  Im enjoying your story but I believe it would be better if you write your chapters a bit longer.  
                              But I am enjoying reading.  💜
PurpleFluffCloud PurpleFluffCloud Aug 19, 2016
I read that wrong.
                              'I think about going on the Titan'
                              I think I watch too much attack on titans 😐😐
Jorgexanime Jorgexanime Mar 15, 2015
Just read part 1  I luv it (even though I havent watched fairy tail yet) . Should be in top set for English