The Dragon's Keeper: Nova (BOYXBOY) COMPLETE

The Dragon's Keeper: Nova (BOYXBOY) COMPLETE

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Anya Ceres By AnyaCeres Completed

With his cub Calder in tow and the man who fathered Calder dead, Nova has no choice but to run from the Jaguars that killed Calder's father. Nova will do anything to protect his cub, even at the cost of his own life. So when Calder wanders off and ends up with a group of Dragon shifters roaring at him, Nova rushes to save him.

Bion has been around for  thousands upon thousands of years. He has given up hope on finding his mate and is content to watch over his family. Imagine his surprise when a Jaguar cub shows up on his land and the cubs parent happens to be his mate.

With a distrustful and overprotective Nova, murdering Jaguars around ever corner, and a playful little cub that gets himself into sticky situations, Bion has his work cut out for him.

miamalynn miamalynn Apr 18
Listen to 'A thousand years' I think it's what's it's called AND IT SUITS THIS PART PERFECTLY 😂
shoey102 shoey102 Apr 15
Sounds like a dog.
                              NO MATE NO MATE NO MATE
                              MATE MATE MATE
                              I LOVE MY MATE I DI ANYTHING FOR MATE
                              MATE DONT LOVE ME BUT I LOVE MATE
                              MATE MATE MATE
A dragon and a peacock 😂😂😂😂😂 I never saw that coming
Babyellis13 Babyellis13 Mar 29
Ha! That made me laugh I don't know why I find that funny 😂
Babyellis13 Babyellis13 Mar 29
Weird but kind of cute pairing, a dragon and a peacock huh who would've thought
NnekaZari NnekaZari Feb 19
A dragon and a peacock huh. Normally the bird would be a phoenix.....