Inhumanly Handsome {Muke/Cashton}

Inhumanly Handsome {Muke/Cashton}

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When Calum turned to us, his eyes a bright orange, his teeth pointy and a sudden amount of facial hair covering his jawline, Ashton and I both knew, he wasn't Human.
The flash of green, followed by that amazing laugh I'd grown so fond of and a yelp as the big wolf went missing, meant nothing more than the fact Michael wasn't Human either.

MUKE/CASHTON/smut in the future/swear words

[Cover made by JovialZiam thank you so much!!]
This story is pure fiction, I do not own 5SOS and I repeat this is PURE FICTION!

                                  Huney they're as straight as a circle
    iiLeyLeyii iiLeyLeyii Sep 15
    Starting the chapter: well this is a lovely st- and there goes reality.
    RoseMusical RoseMusical Jul 20, 2016
    The s decided to hitchhike because it was some putting up with Calum’s friendly ass.  😂😂
    SoSowwy SoSowwy Oct 04, 2016
    ashton: alright lukey *cracks knuckles* how am i getting him into my bed for the weekend
    Ttbubblesxox Ttbubblesxox Dec 13, 2016
    Damn I was gonna make that joke but everyone else did before me 😆
    min_infires_yoongi min_infires_yoongi Jul 14, 2016
    I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE YOU SNEAKY LITTLE BITCH (Jk ily please don't hate me)