Gentleman's Affair

Gentleman's Affair

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Angel By hvpster Completed

A shy intern.

A dominant gentleman.

And an anchoring feeling to need one another.

There's something different about Mr. Hale in Ellie Donovan's eyes. He's mysterious, demanding, cold-hearted, and sheltered. 

The young and shy intern takes on a tough job while working for her demanding boss Mr. Hale, in between the long nights at work Ellie also juggles an online platonic relationship with a man she's never met. 

For the most part life seems like a regular day running around the office, typing up papers, attending meetings. That's until events start to change when feelings are tested between the two.

Things couldn't possibly get anymore hectic.

Unless it can when another gentleman enters the picture.

mzlove97 mzlove97 Apr 01
I thought the same thing the other day... Stripping if I lose my job
livemotough livemotough Jun 18
oh my god is she really that stupid i swear xavier is her boss jesus christ i ship it already
So, after long hard thought, I have decided that he is either Voldemort or Surt
MoshiEater MoshiEater Sep 14
....I mean from her perspective why WOULD she assume it's him if she thinks he's so anal about little things & is an asśhole?
Literally just started the story and I can tell they're the same person
Every time she messages Xander, Mr. Hade's phone goes off... not suspicious at all.