Just Imagine【Diabolik Lovers Scenarios】 || Requests Closed ||

Just Imagine【Diabolik Lovers Scenarios】 || Requests Closed ||

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✧ & ; mari™ ✧ By Oh_My_Jujube Updated Feb 17, 2016


A scenario and headcanon book in the making, featuring a bunch of thirsty, sadistic vampires.

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©14.03.2015 @Oh_My_Jujube { cover, scenario creativity }

Fluters11 Fluters11 May 22
i knew it i knew it !!!
                              that he was reading all the time 50 shades of grey
oumasass oumasass Jun 06
REIJI POSSESSED LAITO NOOOOOOOOOOOO *starts running around and screaming*
lo123life lo123life Aug 28
your right actually i'm stupid, i will never go in underwear in my boyfriend room even in my room, sooo your right i'm stupid here
-badtzmaru -badtzmaru Mar 20
OMFG!!!! LOL! I never thought Kanato would be THIS horny 😂😂😂😂
FaiRune FaiRune May 17
Tnaks for the compliment! 
                              S - smart
                              T - Talented
                              U - unique 
                              P - Person
                              I - in 
                              D - Demand
                              Stupid = Smart, talented, unique, person in demand