Betrayal of all; Percy Jackson

Betrayal of all; Percy Jackson

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I still remember my days on earth more specifically the pain and betrayal.

I was just coming back from my quest from Athena for permission to marry Annabeth.

I had to get the immortal apples without harming Landon which was hard since he chases you everywhere with fire. But I still did it and now I'm ready to propose to my wise girl, as I walked pass some people glared at me while some looked at me with sympathy. Me being the seaweed brain I am shrugged it off but then there was a voice in my head.

"Be prepared my son for everything will come falling apart."said the voice

I didn't know it but it sound familiar like I knew it all along.

I arrived at the beach to see a couple there I thought it was just some Aphrodite kids until I heard them talk.

"When are you going to breakup with that loser guy Jackson, I'm way better than him."said Eric from the Aphrodite cabin.

"When he comes back from his stupid quest besides he's so weak he might die on the que...

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Emmyna7668 Emmyna7668 Aug 15, 2017
Now I just feel rage. Like I read a lot like this and I'm just mad and I want to kill
darling I believe that you just admitted to loving Percy Jackson
ShadowFlare095 ShadowFlare095 Feb 17, 2017
How the hell is anyone shocked by this!?!? I mean seriously there was no build up! And besides, this is so common that it's become a trope, seriously!!
booklover_demigod booklover_demigod Sep 25, 2016
Omg. This video is just... just.....amazingly amazing, completely, utterly, absolutely fantastic
TheCardiniTrannifer TheCardiniTrannifer Dec 20, 2016
It's a coincidence I was listening to a Heroes of Olympus song while reading this chapter and looking through this vid
Brookejenni Brookejenni Dec 15, 2016
OMG the video made me cry it shows all the highlights and lowlights of the pjo and hoo series so sad and beautiful at the same time especially when they fell into Tartarus 😨😁😈😬😘😍😱😝😭😎🙌😹😵😤 these emojis described exactly how I felt when reading the books!