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Izzy Way By Izzy_Way Updated Jul 06, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a village ruled by complete chaos, fear and death. The people who lived there suffered daily, living in fear from the threat of the forest.


The men fought the large beasts bravely but eventually they fell, leaving the village vulnerable with each body that returned shredded and beyond recognition.

It was an era of blood and suffering.

Still one man made a difference. 

The young mayor offered a price for the village's safety. A girl would be sacrificed to the beasts as an offering, theirs to do as they please. The wolves agreed and it was sealed with blood.

And so the era of red ended.

Days turned into centuries and the ritual engraved itself into the people's lives.

It was one night, repeated twelve times a year, intended for female sacrifices. 

Until Red changed the course of the ritual.

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KingMJRW KingMJRW Sep 07
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *Alarms* Stranger Danger!! *Blows rape whistle*
OuranHost12 OuranHost12 Apr 08
Said lives are still going to perish because the lives that are currently being "saved" are going to end up as sacrifices
Red Riding Hood, three little piggy's, Cinderella, and now jack and Jill,
tunalicious tunalicious Jun 27, 2016
They should at least brainwash them and teach them to love wolves from birth then there wouldn't be much resistance and fear
_Lemon_Cakes_ _Lemon_Cakes_ Jul 14, 2016
Awww! The poor old lady! Gosh it makes me even more sad cause she's wearing Bunny slippers!
SomethingCleverTM SomethingCleverTM Apr 29, 2016
*Le huge gasp* THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE COLORS! GIMME GIMME GIMME pleeeeeaaaaaasssssssssee!?!?
                              *does puppy eyes and smuges face on 4th wall* pweas?!?