We will avenge percy Jackson

We will avenge percy Jackson

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Trouble happens when a Thor runs into an old friend while out with tony and Bruce tony wants to know who he is and Bruce wants to know why he feels like he has seen him before Clint and Natasha meet a kid on a mission and he becomes the newest agent to there team

Percy is starting school and is feeling a little lonely with annabeth working on Olympus and the other seven are at camp when he meets a god he knows he runs into some trouble when the gods friend bruce remembers him from long ago and he gets a job for SHIELD
(Percy found out his powers are way cooler then he thought so now he is really strong)

My first story go easy on me

I do not own percy Jackson or the avenger they all belong to the creators

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Got the movie reference! I know that they are horrible, but I HAVE to watch the movies and rant about how that's wrong and this should be here and all that but honestly, I now know basically everyone's lines. Gods help me.
That's from the movie it's nice to know someone else liked it enough to put it in something.
The cover of the book is my home screen. My friends TRIED to make me change it because I was too obsessed with Percy Jackson. But I will definitely not try to go out with Percy if I had the chance, Annabeth will have something to say and do that I will be scared of...
Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 May 06
everyone is comenting on the 'goode' part, while i'm here understanding the movie reference.
Goghobbs Goghobbs Nov 02
Probs is nothing could ever make me watch that I would rather live in Tartarus and I'm scared of normal everyday darkness imagine advanced darkness
Sally, you're not that stupid. You practically just threatened the live off your child