Runt In The Wild

Runt In The Wild

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Book 1 in the Runt of the Wild series:
Kate is a young wolf pup that is the runt of a litter of five pups. Unfortunately, some packs make wolves abandon runts in the wild because they are considered weak and a back set to the pack. 

So when Kate is abandoned, she has to begin a journey of a lifetime to prove to others who don't believe that just because she is a runt, that doesn't mean that she wasn't the strongest of them all.

Runt In The Wild is a story about friendship, love, and a true leader as a wolf, who is different from the rest, proves that she may be different, but still has a strong heart.

[The picture on the cover of the book is of fourteen-year-old Kate]

*I do not own any of the pictures or videos in this book; however, some have been edited slightly or have taken multiple pictures to make a collage*

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This story sound very interesting. 
                              Thrilled to read the next part!
Insanely_Dorky Insanely_Dorky Apr 22, 2017
I have a pet chow chow and she's the runt of he mothers little Yet she is the toughest and bits hard and is faster of the rest of the littler.
booklover22633 booklover22633 Aug 01, 2017
I couldn't even imagine. I wouldn't get rid of the runt I would hide them or change packs. I would not be the one taking it to die.
GameHero95 GameHero95 Sep 28, 2017
Wow...That's rather cruel to abandon a pup over a rule that ruins the pack's families...
_XxAngelFacexX_ _XxAngelFacexX_ Aug 16, 2017
I accidentally clicked one this book. BUT MY DITSY HANDS DID SOMETHING GOOD FOR ONCE!!!! This book is good so far
zaffreflare zaffreflare Feb 23, 2017
I like the way you're introducing the story and the wolves' way of life. :) I'm intrigued!