His Nerd

His Nerd

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Amina By summerluvr99 Updated Jul 17, 2017

"You need to understand that I'm not yours Chase. Jake is a part of my life as well, he matters to me."    

It's always been Liz and Chase. Well, at least to them it seemed that way. Best friends since they were kids, yet were total opposites. But you know what they say, opposites attract. 

Liz is awkward, Chase is not. 

Chase is athletic, and Liz can't even run without tripping on  something. 

Liz is a nerd and Chase is a jock.

 However, when Jake Johanson arrives, Liz can't help but change things. No longer having her life revolve around Chase. In this story, meetings happen, love is struck, and betrayal takes place in the world of Chase and Liz.

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summerluvr99 summerluvr99 Jul 22, 2014
@Percabeth771415 LOL. I understand how you feel. In the perks of being a wallflower, they seemed so cute together. :)
Percabeth771415 Percabeth771415 Jul 22, 2014
Well I jst saw the cast, and even though I haven't met jake I want him with Liz....cuz Emma Watson and the Barbie Logan Lerman are one Of my ships
DK_Perrie DK_Perrie Feb 04, 2014
Wow what an amazing start! Like I was in tears laughing at the intro of her mother replaying being in labor! I love Liz's character development..yeah the chapter was short, but it was very interesting and told a lot! Awesome job!
lindaverji lindaverji Feb 10, 2013
She's not evil. The fact that she would put aside her own need to be with him so she doesn't ruin his rep is kinda sweet. Chase needs to convince her some more
Zara1692 Zara1692 Feb 10, 2013
she doesn't want to be seen with him? is  this all cos of the popularity? and Chase sounds so sweet! this has the potential for a great plot, can't wait to see what happens next. just a few words missing but that's already been mentioned. well done!
summerluvr99 summerluvr99 Jan 31, 2013
@englishnerd3 Thanks so much for the comments, next time I will write on my laptop instead of my iPod because these type of errors always happen on my iPod. :)