Deadly Attraction

Deadly Attraction

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♛ Queen ♛ By QueenOfShadows67 Completed

I got inspired in between my first FNAF fic so then I thought what the hell, why not? This is a Purple Guy x Reader. You and the sassy/deadly/promiscuous grape you all know as Vincent~! hit it off.  Also featuring the fabulous Miss Mahogany and the amazing Vendetta~!  Based off of original Fnaf Au and Pilot, I do not own the characters except my own. 

(And I know that Deo moved on yes, I do. I respect that. But, I'm just a persistent writer, I don't bash on their work as I respect their decisions.)

Warning: Swearing/Fluff/Gore/Purpleness/Possible Lemon

Summary: (Y/N) a troublesome girl who enters the world of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It seems as easy when she's placed as a security guard, not until she meets a mysterious purple guy.

(Female Reader)

Text Copyright © QueenOfShadows67 (2015) All rights reserved. 

*And any references, music, photos, etc,. belong to their respectful owners, in which I do not take ownership unless I submit my own work (take drawings for example).

  • darkness
  • fnaf
  • mahogany
  • reader
  • romance
  • vendetta
  • vincent are is have dark.....i mean we can get cancer......i might have cancer.....but I am still waiting to go to the skin doctor......i am not saying why i am is even darker.....
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