Deadly Attraction

Deadly Attraction

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♛ Queen ♛ By QueenOfShadows67 Completed

I got inspired in between my first FNAF fic so then I thought what the hell, why not? This is a Purple Guy x Reader. You and the sassy/deadly/promiscuous grape you all know as Vincent~! hit it off.  Also featuring the fabulous Miss Mahogany and the amazing Vendetta~!  Based off of original Fnaf Au and Pilot, I do not own the characters except my own. 

(And I know that Deo moved on yes, I do. I respect that. But, I'm just a persistent writer, I don't bash on their work as I respect their decisions.)

Warning: Swearing/Fluff/Gore/Purpleness/Possible Lemon

Summary: (Y/N) a troublesome girl who enters the world of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It seems as easy when she's placed as a security guard, not until she meets a mysterious purple guy.

(Female Reader)

Text Copyright © QueenOfShadows67 (2015) All rights reserved. 

*And any references, music, photos, etc,. belong to their respectful owners, in which I do not take ownership unless I submit my own work (take drawings for example).

  • darkness
  • fnaf
  • mahogany
  • reader
  • romance
  • vendetta
  • vincent
nixbix8 nixbix8 Feb 02
I'll be sucking something else later tho 
nixbix8 nixbix8 Feb 03
did one just be inclined to think of my species you ludicrous violet skinned organism
nixbix8 nixbix8 Feb 03
I would say stop being gay 
                              but how could I say no to that face
RoxythePinkPirateFox RoxythePinkPirateFox Apr 26, 2017 are is have dark.....i mean we can get cancer......i might have cancer.....but I am still waiting to go to the skin doctor......i am not saying why i am is even darker.....
Shr3kB43_2 Shr3kB43_2 Jul 28, 2016
"You look lovely dear, where are you shoes?" Sorry spelling error
strawberripaint strawberripaint Nov 15, 2016
                              (I can I just don't have the time)