Alpha King -Sequel to "My Omega"

Alpha King -Sequel to "My Omega"

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Alicia By daff123 Completed

“I’m going to kiss you Asiah” he called me by the last part of my name which was something unique, only my parents did that.

“I-…” before the rest could ease out his tongue darted out across my bottom lip and my eyes closed feeling taken in by his touch. 

I whimpered and he took his hand and slid his long fingers down my spine making my head go back, I felt the sudden heat pool in between my thighs that has never happened before and it caused me to unleash that moan I kept at bay.

“That’s right baby, let her purr for me” he said huskily and before I could even move from his nasty but hot comment his lips captured mine and he plunged his tongue in gently brushing it against mine.

He tasted just like cherry coke or something. Our tongues danced some and he growled and picked me up putting me on Alex’s sink counter I heard all her lip sticks and accessories hit the floor and I was pressed to the mirror and his hips were against my core. He sucked on my tongue and I moaned at that.

He ran his hand up the back of my alcohol stained shirt and his finger brushed against my bra and it made my boobs want attention, serious attention. His other hand grabbed my black hair locking it and tugged at it some revealing my neck and shoulder.

I snapped back into reality, what the hell was I allowing to be done! I was kissing my best friends twin brother! I scrambled pushing him back and his lips moved from its connection with mine and he groaned. best friends twin brother was my mate!!!

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Garnet_rulez Garnet_rulez Aug 05, 2015
Boy plz she probably jst doesn't want to talk to ur stupid a$$
JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Jun 18, 2015
Wow! That's so cute how they're finally ready to have mates, and it turns out to be both of their bestfriends are each other's mates.
Yaoifangirl18 Yaoifangirl18 Jul 28, 2014
Here i am again on one of your book adventures i cant wait to get this started...
JustCallMeTrin JustCallMeTrin May 06, 2014
what the f*ck kinda logic is that? just cuz shes quit...chill
Sabrina_1535 Sabrina_1535 Jan 12, 2014
Wait so they don't know who their mate is before their 18th birthday?
trrstephens trrstephens Aug 25, 2013
I love your books! I thought it was funny Axel's mate walked past him.. she is probably scared but I am sure if he is like his dad he will have her soon in his arms.