Slave ~Gruvia lemon~

Slave ~Gruvia lemon~

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TheCountyass By pettysupreme Updated Dec 30, 2015

He carved my body.

I craved my fantasies.

He wanted to give me pleasure and pain.

I wanted to give myself love.

He used me.

I allowed him.

And just for that I'm now his slave, his sex slave. The very toy that delivers the pleasure and pain. 
Or more so receives it.

Juvia Lockser a horny seventeen year old high school student, who goes to a wealthy academy off a music scholarship. She spends her free time watching porn or reading erotic novels, and she's been craving sex her whole life and would do anything to obtain it.

During summer break she gets a job at the Fullbuster manor as their son's violin instructor. Gray Fullbuster, eighteen year old who goes to a different high school. One night they hit it off, and become friends with benefits.

But then his parents go on trip for the rest of the summer, and the contract Juvia signed states she can't leave and has to fulfill Gray's every desire.

So what happens when she is his slave?

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__orsel_orsal__ __orsel_orsal__ Aug 13, 2017
As a pervert who reads many stories (lemons) I'll be good for what ever comes
Igotgoosebumps Igotgoosebumps Feb 28, 2016
i am a young -- year old girl but i love watching and reading this kind of stuff ONLY if it's anime. Real life lemon is just disgusting. I prefer the 2D life
athenaked athenaked Jun 01, 2016
I remember reading this and voting etc but now that i visit it my votes are gone wtf
xhienxhien- xhienxhien- Jan 16, 2016
No need to warn me *Smile creepily*. I'm a pervert but I'm just __ years old. Hehe.
MinnieJasmine MinnieJasmine Mar 11, 2015
I LOVE you're Stories ..... Like seriously I followed u for a reason ..... U R AWESOME
Juvia_Houjou Juvia_Houjou Mar 11, 2015
Yay another lemon fanfic! I missed lemon fanfictions after being banned to use the laptop because of my stupid cousin -_-